Dustin at age 9 and 29 (as a new father)

Dustin at age 9 and 29 (as a new father)

The Back Story

My name is David Wills and I am the founder of Boys 2 Men 4 Christ.  Before we ever started the first chapter in Faith Community Church in Southern California, I was a Mentor in the Big Brothers Association in Los Angeles.  The experience of Mentoring Dustin Kimball shaped my heart and desire to help as many young men who did not have a strong male Christian role model in their lives.

I have run countless B2M4C meetings with dozens of boys and have always provided love and support for the little guys without directly seeing what an effect it will make on them once they became men.  That all changed recently.  Let me tell you the story that was up there with the birth of my children and meeting my adopted daughter Tigist at the orphanage in Ethiopia. I wept like a baby and thanked God for the amazing gift of Mentoring.

The Night That Changed My Life

I started with Big Brothers of Los Angeles about 20 years ago and met my match Dustin Kimball. We went out every other weekend and did boy/man stuff. Outings to the beach, throwing a ball at the park, building computers together…nothing special.

I was in LA recently and wanted to see him. Haven’t touched base in nearly 10 years since we moved to Colorado. Dustin has just become a father and I wanted to see his bride and new little man. I came in the door and met Jacqueline and we chatted for a while till Dustin got out of the shower. First up…he is a MAN now! Full of wisdom and new hopes with being a father.

I had wondered over the years whether I had any impact on his life over all those years especially when he was a challenging teenager and Ginger (his mom) would drop him over to our house for the weekend when he became too much for her to handle. Did any of the mentoring stick?

Dustin told me that he is now the leader of the Big Brothers chapter at his college. He told me he is studying Psychology with the aim of being a Marriage and Family Therapist. He showed me all the computers that he has built and hot rodded in his home and reminded me that I was the one that bought him his first computer. I had forgotten I had.

He then said that I was the one who had taught him how to be a man and father. He said that I was the only man in his life at that time who showed love and interest in him. I immediately fell to my knees and wept like a baby. I felt like I had had no impact.

He then brought out his son and introduced him as Jason David Kimball.

Being a follower of Jesus, I asked if the David was after King David in the Bible. Then time stopped…

He smiled and said…No, It’s you David. We named him after you. Nothing was said by anyone in the room for five minutes while I fell on the floor and wept raising my hands to heaven.

Here’s the takeaway. If there are kids in your neighborhood who don’t have a mentor in their lives…LET’S CHANGE THAT! Just show them some kindness, get down to their height and take an interest in what they are doing. You may never know what an influence you are having.

I didn’t…until last Sunday night.

I respectfully ask that you consider starting your own Boys 2 Men 4 Christ Ministry in your own local Church.  All the work has been done for you with our Ministry-In-A-Box, all you need to do is…Add Men.  Click here to get all the free materials.

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