The Boys 2 Men 4 Christ “Ministry-In-A-Box” is a complete online multimedia curriculum that give you everything you need to start your own ministry in your church.  Just add men…

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Complete Ministry Manual

Step-by-Step Ministry Manual.  Everything you need for your own Boys 2 Men 4 Christ Ministry.

Video Documentary

Full Length Video Documentary shows Origins of B2M4C, Interviews with Mentors and Testimonies from Single Moms.


Lesson Plans

2 Years of Lesson Plans.  Easy to Follow.  Easy to Teach.  Sample Video Lesson Included.

T-Shirt Artwork

High-resolution Artwork for your own “Boys 2 Men 4 Christ” T-Shirts for the Boys and Men.


Done For You Forms

All the Sign-In Sheets & Forms you’ll ever need.  Name Tags for the Boys.  Roster Sheets for the Men.

Promotional Materials

Promo Videos for your Video Announcements.  Promo Postcards for your Info Table

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boys 2 Men 4 Christ?

Boys 2 Men 4 Christ is a Christian Mentorship Ministry that brings together quality men from the church and boys who come from an environment which does not currently give them strong male Christian role models.  We get together and do three things. We have fun, we eat and we share an object lesson and break up into groups to discuss what we have learned.  The purpose of B2M4C is to build trusting relationships between the boys and men so that the lessons can find fertile ground in the boys’ hearts.

What is the B2M4C "Ministry-In-A-Box"?

The “Ministry-In-A-Box” is an online library of multimedia files that are played online or downloaded and can be viewed and printed out using any personal computer (Windows or Mac)

Files include…

  • 30 minute Documentary
  • Testimonials from mentors and moms
  • Sample lesson acted out
  • Sample question-time with the boys
  • Boys 2 Men 4 Christ “Anthem”
  • Promotional videos
  • B2M4C Ministry Manual
  • Lesson Plan Manual with 2 years of lessons!
  • Games List with over 50 games to play
  • Promotional Postcard Template
  • Sign-In Sheets
  • Roster Sheets for Mentor sign-ups
  • Name Tags (Boys)
  • Name Tags (Men)
  • Principle List for Boys to take home
  • Promotional videos for recruiting Men
  • Promotional videos for inviting Boys
  • Shirt Artwork
Why is the B2M4C "Ministry-In-A-Box" FREE?

While the B2M4C “Ministry-In-A-Box” used to sell for over $50, we have decided to make it free for any Church that wishes to use the program.  Our desire is that it gets in as many Churches and help as many boys as possible so we took away any excuse not to get it.

All we ask is that you share us on Facebook.

How do I get the B2M4C "Ministry-In-A-Box"?

Just click on the link below.

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Everything you need to start your own Boys 2 Men 4 Christ Ministry has been created for you.  Simply Download the Materials, watch the Videos and you’ll be up and running in no time.  The resources are FREE…(as in Free, Nada, Nuttin, No Asterisk, Zilcho!)

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