Boys 2 Men 4 Christ is a Grassroots Effort Mobilizing the Local Church to Mentor Fatherless Boys.  We exist to equip the Local Church with a Fun Curriculum so that any Church can be a Father to the Fatherless.

What's Included?

Boys 2 Men 4 Christ (B2M4C) is a network of Christian Mentor-ship Ministries for fatherless boys that has grown out of one of Southern California’s largest churches.  Through the dramatic growth of the program within a single church and the realization that this problem is world-wide, a curriculum and complete resource kit has been produced to help inspire and equip men’s ministries all around the globe.  A kit that includes everything you need to start your own Boys 2 Men 4 Christ ministry in your own local church.

It’s a very simple ministry that you can implement in your own church with just a few willing Men.  We get together a couple times a month and do 3 things…

Step 1. We have FUN!

We engage the Boys as soon as they come in with Video Games or Ping Pong, Dodge-ball or Checkers.  Whatever can foster lasting relationships with the Men and get some of the energy out of the Boys.

Step 2. We EAT!

After playtime, we share some food with the Boys.  Usually Pizza as it’s quick and easy to clean up after.  Once we clean up, it’s time for the Action Lesson.

Step 3. We Learn a LESSON!

We act out a fun, action packed lesson that engages the boys and leaves them with a Christian Value to discuss in groups with the Men and take home with them and use in their daily lives.

Download the Complete Curriculum and Ministry Manual

A complete “Ministry-In-A-Box” has been created to jump start your own Fatherless Ministry in your own Church.  All the materials you need from a Documentary showing how it’s done to Ministry Manuals, Sign-In Sheets, Game Instructions down to Promotional Postcards and even T-Shirt Artwork.  All the work has been done for you so all you need to do is…add Men!

See What's Included